Poem- Arpeggio

ar·peg·gi·o (är-pĕj′ē-ō′, -pĕj′ō) n. pl. ar·peg·gi·os 1. a broken chord 2. The sounding of the tones of a chord in rapid succession rather than simultaneously. 3. A chord played or sung in this manner. ‘Arpeggio’ 2014 © Khalilah Yasmin I find that I give too much of myself to people I think are capable of […]

Or nothing…

My sexual, intellectual, creative practices all follow a pattern of starvation and overdose. I want copious amounts of the best…or nothing. — Mreeuh Chang (@MREEUH) September 13, 2013  


As Editor-in-Chief of Vertical Art & Fitness Magazine, I present to you; The ‘VEGAS’ issue. I also had the pleasure of interviewing our cover girl, Miss Marlo Fisken. Be sure to sign up on the website to receive/stay current on ALL things fitness & pole! http://verticalartandfitnessmagazine.com ALSO LIKE US ON FACEBOOK! https://www.facebook.com/verticalartandfitness  

The Social Media Show, Book Project, Toshiba, and SkyJump Billboard

With two of my heroes… Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis VIDEO INTERVIEW: The Social Media Show, Book Project, Toshiba, and SkyJump http://thesocialmediashow.com/ces-2014-toshiba-sky-jump-las-vegas-khalilah-yasmin/