I found ‘Yeezus’… My ‘In the Moment’ Review of Kanye West’s new album

‘Yeezus’ – By Khalilah Yasmin It leaked. I listened. Furthermore… before you go any further; know that I will also do my part and support by purchasing from iTunes on Tuesday. When I hear music, I see images, moments, pictures, and emotions. When I see pictures, I hear music and my mind creates words. First […]

Poem- ‘Broken Glass’

“Broken Glass” Copyright Khalilah Yasmin 2013 http://KhalilahYasmin.com He said it was an emergency, so she let him break the glass, She thought he was being a gentleman, since he at least asked. Unlike the last who intentionally moved things too fast, unhitched his pants and showed his whole ass. Perpetuating prayer, wearing a cross, and […]