PRINCE! – ‘My inner-monologued review of last night’ I make it no secret that I am a BIG Prince Fan. Perhaps not a super fan that gets tattoos all over her body of his name, but nonetheless, this is real. I may not be his number 1 fan, but I’m surely in the top 5. […]

Characters in your Story…

Daily Affirmations: 1. I forgive you does NOT mean I wish to further f*ck with you. I don’t like to learn my lessons twice. 2. Just because you used to know someone does not mean they are guaranteed lifetime access to your life. Does every character make it to the next chapter of a great […]

Lip Singing to “High” By Jamar Rogers

A few days ago, I did my usual and introduced some fellow music lovers to one of my favorite songs ‘High’ by Jamar Rogers (@Jsquidward). They decided to record me while I was lip-singing along. Powerful lyrics with a profound message from a inspiring human being. I first heard this song on my birthday 12-12-12 […]