Poem-“How to be a B*tch”

Letters to the World: From the World… “How to be a bitch” ©Khalilah Yasmin http://khalilahyasmin.com You silence me when you think I’ve said too much, yet I’m a bitch if you reach and I don’t want your touch. A bitch when I’m honest instead of telling a lie, I’m typical when I have emotion and […]

K~Y Thought of the Day: Why are YOU single?

     K~Y Thought of the Day: “Why are you Single”?  Ladies and Gentleman.  Single and Taken.  Cheating and Faithful…  I’m sure it’s been said to you a time or two at some point in your life…  The infamous annoying question; “Why are you single”?   If you are trying to engage in conversation with a […]