“With Angels”

“With Angels; An Ode to Michael Joseph Jackson” Written By Khalilah-Yasmin © I may have never held your hand, or felt your embrace, But you touched my soul, my mind and every empty space. I may have never heard you say or call out my name, But you spoke to me often, regardless of your […]


“Veronica” © Khalilah Yasmin I don’t want to but, she says that I must, if I come near you, my windows she promised to bust. Her words; I trust, knowing she is sincere, I kiss you like an addict as you lay here. And I am in need I fiend for my fix, as she […]


“Conscious” ©Khalilah Yasmin I’m a slave to my subconscious thought; of which I have no control- I traded a broken heart temporarily for a piece of my soul. I’m a master of my mind; or is this too an illusion- as my heart eludes my mind, enticed with confusion.. Chaos and Illusions; as reality seems […]