“black girl lost”

“black girl lost” ©Khalilah Yasmin http://khalilahyasmin.com You look at me and assume I’m just a BLACK girl lost, Judging me inaccurately, and the battles I’ve fought. To you I’m a slave, you’re hoping I never break loose, you attempt to bind me, mentally on your kerosene noose. Well I’m not sitting on your scale to […]


“Unicorn” © Khalilah~Yasmin His name is “Temptation”; he wants me as his mistress, he wants my scent to follow him & his boxers painted by my lipstick. Temptation stands before me, and his red apple looks delicious, he’s become my Genie,  and for me he’s promised a infinite wishes. If only for my kisses and […]


“Tantric” © Khalilah-Yasmin Enamored with his torment, I pine for his presence, I, find myself, mentally lusting, for his existence… I yearn for him, and he compels me…. caution to the wind, craving him to unveil me… I’m ardently tempted, and don’t mind the sweet sin Captivated, in every capacity, hoping desire won’t end. Nothing […]

“Between Blinks”

“Between Blinks” ©Khalilah-Yasmin http://KhalilahYasmin.com Caught in the moments; where we briefly lock eyes, Captive by thought- hiding my “idea” between my thighs. Blood Rushing away from my roaring heartbeat, I’m afraid of our silence Because within it’s empty sound, I hear the rest of me speak. Nervous, I become, wondering if you hear me, aware […]