IS it written?

“Is it Written”? —-Khalilah Yasmin FOR EVERY CAUSE THERE’S AN EFFECT… FOR EVERY ACTION A REACTION…. DO YOU BELIEVE IN THE LAW OF ATTRACTION? I’m one whom reads a lot of books, and without reading, since I was a child, I have had this sixth sense if you will.  I’ve always known what I was […]


“Affair” Written By Khalilah Yasmin © 2009 It only takes your voice; to succumb me to being immensely aroused, An ocean of emotion; as if being kissed by millions of mouths. It only takes your words; whether spoken or written, to make it unashamed and obvious that I’m erotically smitten. May I in every way; […]


“Lezbehonest” Written By Khalilah-Yasmin  ©2009 I watch you from afar on many occasion, though you may not realize your words persuasion, to my curiosity’s invasion, because I think you’re amazing, I often find myself gazing, even if it is wrong, I see lyrics in your eyes, and they write me a song, that I sing, […]


“HAD” © 2009 K.Yasmin  ( When what you have becomes what you had, when my smiles Become the reason your ass is sad. when you told me I wasn’t enough, and I gave you my all, when you saw me flying you told me you’d rather me fall. when I changed my life to mold […]

“Unspoken Attraction”

“Unspoken Attraction” © As you looked into my eyes the very first time, it’s as if you knew my thoughts, and were reading my mind. My mind, hidden behind, my smile, lost inside of my words, you stared into my spirit and left my soul stirred… Stirred, I was by a stranger with depth, wanting […]

“Hear ME, HERE me”

“Hear ME, HERE me”© 2009 Khalilah-Yasmin I’m dealing with cards that someone else gave me, searching for an answer, and there’s nothing to save me.. I fall, I fall, I reach for a hand that’s not there… There’s nowhere to turn to, my life seems so unfair.. I’ve forgotten how to cry because HE told […]