“Satan’s Kiss”

As temptation led me, and my heart followed your path, added desire, love, and lust, to an evil trail of math. The offer you held in your hand, was a gift and a curse, upon approaching you I recited bible verses, for no one rehearses the day they give away their soul and all they […]

Heaven and Hell, Do they exist?

( I wrote and shared this 2 years ago and got some interesting feedback. I have since changed slightly….and developed more appreciation for other religions. My mind has become more open and yet still I’ve found the religious it seems are often, quite confrontational on wanting you to believe in THEIR GOD, or live life […]

Sex, Lies, and Platonic Tape

Somehow this may offend some people, and frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.. If you’ve read any of my previous Notes/Blogs, you know me by now..and I’m allergic to Bull Shit. 🙂 And I like to smile after I say things I’m absolutely sure about. So, I’m curious, and don’t judge a WOMAN […]


“Insanity” You and I were never any good for each other, I’m losing your friendship, and you want me as your lover. How do I love you blindly, and ignore my hearts clutter, and the ignorant insults you let your mouth mutter. It’s good for 24 hours, then again you mistreat me, Never do I […]