“Oceans” © A depth I was only aware existed, a concrete tunnel, I’d never seen yet I missed it. An intrigue that put all curiosity to shame, my fantasy and reality changing my name. An assembly of butterflies invading without permission, for him to lean in, to touch me, I subtly was wishing. A stare […]

“Mr. Mine”

Mr. Mine” Copyright 2008 Khalilah-Yasmin I said it too many times so inevitably it became the truth, I’ve forever proclaimed would be how long I loved you. Many Miles between us, but my heart argued my body and heart stayed by your side, though I’m not naive, I know another is on your joy ride… […]

Smiles are free?

“Smiles are Free–but you won’t smile back at me”? This is a topic that I have wanted to touch on for quite some time. It is the gap that lies between African Americans and other African Americans. It’s mainly an issue in women I’ve ran across. A Facebook friend of mine, inspired my sharing of […]