“Let the Monster Out” © Khalilah-Yasmin Dear Young Woman, beautiful in and out, forgot what TRUE LOVE was all about… He hurt you, thru his screams, and sometimes he’d shout. He’d slam the doors, with accusations all about. Starting arguments with you  just so he could cheat, While you waited at home, with no food […]


“That Day”

“that day ” ©Khalilah Yasmin open your heart she said unto me, Give him your love and Get what you need. Then in return he will provide, a love within and on the outside. Be honest; Give him your all, Be subservient and wait for his call. then in return u will be his queen, […]


“Silence” ©Khalilah Yasmin Loud as a war or a storm full of thunder, my life is a maze, I walk asunder. The lightning speaks with one expression, to light my way of a future blessing. Drums overwhelm the beat of my heart, I can’t hear my moments part. Monotonous, driving, repetition of insanity, my aspirations […]