“Infinite Lust”

You’ve got me on a plateau that I’ve never thought I could reachyou’re adding to my lyrics yet stuttering my speech, I want to allow you to teach, me, the art of seduction, I’m at witness to your protection but I crave an abduction, an orgasmic eruption, as you walk into view, I want to […]

“Paralyzed Love”

“Paralyzed Love” Khalilah-Yasmin© 2008 If love is a choice, then why have I chosen to be bruised, Love; life’s greatest joy, and a drug I once used. Where does an addict go when distant is my muse, wandering; in blind darkness, paralyzed and confused. If actions speak louder than words, why is your silence so […]

“I loved you deeply”

“I loved you deeply” Copyright 2008 Khalilah Yasmin I look in your eyes everyday and my heart slowly breaks, You Smile, Because you don’t care and unaware that my heart sorely breaks. I loved you deeply, and MADE you complete me, Put you before myself, and watched you Mistreat me. All the lies and manipulation […]


“Closer” © Khalilah Yasmin 2008 Please I beg you don’t let me get near, If I feel the heat from your skin, my body will sear. A burn that may take days to extinguish, I’m sexually infatuated by your eyes and I mean this… Mentally intrigued, my mind is enslaved, Wanting more than the words […]